Cloud Foundry is like Linux for the cloud: VMware

SAN FRANCISCO - EMC VMware is likening its Cloud Foundry PaaS (platform as a service) to Linux for the cloud, serving as an application portability layer.The company on Wednesday held a one-year birthday

Published on: April 13th, 2012 Paul Krill

Canadian CIOs: How to position the cloud for success

Few Canadian chief information officers seem likely to "dive in" to cloud computing without due planning, but two CIOs we spoke to said there's no such thing as putting too much thought into

Published on: December 6th, 2011 Shane Schick

What ‘consumerization of IT’ really means to CIOs

The latest trend (or over-hyped term, if you like) is "consumerization of IT." As with cloud computing, the term is somewhat ambiguous and is applied to a number of things that are recognizably

Published on: August 16th, 2011 Bernard Golden

IT jobs: Winners and losers in the cloud era

There's a simple reason so many people say cloud computing will change everything about the IT universe: The cloud democratizes technology to a degree even more profound than when the PC first gave

Published on: July 28th, 2011 Kevin Fogarty

How Apple’s iCloud compares to Google’s cloud

Apple and Google now dominate the world's smartphone and mobile device markets and both are now pushing quickly into the cloud. While Apple this week finally acknowledged the cloud as the future of

Published on: June 8th, 2011 Ryan Faas

Cloud CIO: How IT can become like a service provider

One of the aspects of cloud computing I find most fascinating is the fact that much, if not most, of the discussion about it focuses on how it affects infrastructure. Boiled down, most

Published on: May 24th, 2011 Bernard Golden

Why you don’t need a cloud computing strategy

As with any new exciting technology, companies commonly look towards creating a "strategy" around the movement in order to ensure their investments achieve the greatest ROI. In the 1990s, it was all about

Published on: April 20th, 2011 peder ulander

Cloud computing is not just a name for outsourcing

I'm guessing many of you are asking if cloud computing isn't just a new name for ASPs, software as a service, outsourcing or, for us older guys, timesharing. While the cloud certainly shares

Published on: April 12th, 2011 timothy chou

Cloud CIO: 3 private cloud use case scenarios

 It is by now a truism that most IT organizations are planning an IT infrastructure strategy that includes cloud computing and that an internal cloud (aka private cloud) is a fundamental part of

Published on: March 23rd, 2011 Bernard Golden