Alibaba stands firm in duel with Google over Aliyun
Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba doesn’t seem any closer to reaching an agreement with Google over its Aliyun mobile operating system.

According to this article by PC Advisor, Alibaba has announced that its operating system, which Google accuses of being an unauthorized rip-off of its own Android OS, will not be compatible with the Android ecosystem. This was Google’s major bone of contention with Aliyun, as it allows vendors to benefit from Android’s open source code, but insists on compatibility with its ecosystem. 

According to a Canalys analyst quoted in the article, Jessica Kwee, this is a battle that Alibaba is likely to lose, given that the major handset vendors in China are, for the most part, members of Google’s Open Handset Alliance. “Coming from a vendor perspective, for companies like Samsung, HTC, would they really want to give up Android for the Aliyun OS?” said Kwee.

Google had already threatened to break ties with Acer if the manufacturer decided to support Aliyun, and it’s unlikely that others would be willing to take the same risk. 

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