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Intel announces Cooper Lake 3rd gen Xeon processors with improved AI smarts

Intel releases new Xeon processors for the datacentres

Intel’s new Xeon processors are made to deliver AI at the edge

SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel Corp. announced the general availability of its second generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors on Tuesday, a workhorse of the...

Recap of Intel’s CPU announcements at CES 2019 – 10nm Cascade Lake, Ice Lake, and Nervana AI chip

At CES 2019, Intel returned to make a slew of announcements about - you guessed it - CPUs. Intel’s marketing message these days is that...

Intel’s new Xeon Scalable processors tackle the future and the competition

Intel announces new Xeon processor family for scalable workloads

In a world where it’s no longer “business as usual,” Intel Corp. is unveiled a new processor as part of its Xeon server line in an effort to revamp the data centre.

HP, IBM, Dell launch servers with new Intel chips

The rack, blade and tower servers use Intel's Xeon 5600 quad-core and six-core processors. Industry analysts say the new CPUs will help organizations in their shift to virtualized workloadsrnrn

Mitel ships phone call controller for virtual servers

Virtual Mitel Communications Director lets administrators route calls using Internet Protocol on Intel Xeon Nehalem servers running VMWare Inc.

New chassis offer silence and smallness

New Super Micro Computer chassis geared toward SMB server market

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