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Did HP give webOS ‘a death sentence’?

By promising to release the mobile operating system to the open source community, Hewlett-Packard isn't giving it much of a future, say analysts



HP kills WebOS just weeks after massive tablet launch

In addition to announcing the sudden death of its mobile OS, HP also confirmed it is in acquisition talks with software maker Autonomy. Find out more

WebOS developers mourn HP’s move but aren’t surprised

Developers enjoyed the freedom to explore what the platform provided but knew its sales figures were disappointing. They speak out

HP rolls out webOS software update for TouchPad

A Hewlett-Packard executive on Twitter says webOS 3.0.2 is being pushed to tablets starting on Monday. The goal is to deliver a webOS software update for the tablet to run faster

HP set to launch WebOS hype machine

VIDEO: Richard Kerris, an HP executive in charge of WebOS developer relations, sits down with ComputerWorld Canada to discuss its mobile developer strategies. Plus, why the mobile OS has seen an interest from the community

HP’s TouchPad tablet coming next month

Like most other manufacturers, the tablet will first be available only with WiFi connectivity. There's no word yet on Canadian carriers who will have a celluar version

HP to offer unlocked Palm Pre 2 to small business

The unlocked UMTS phone will be sold mainly to developers but also in HP's small-business channel

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