After staying silent on WebOS for many months, HP Co. is finally beginning to push its WebOS platform as it plans to roll out a major marketing campaign for mobile OS in the coming weeks.

HP’s struggling platform, which the company said will compete in both the enterprise and consumer mobility space, is making news this week as the company launched its TouchPad tablet in the U.S. For Canadian customers, the device is set to launch on July 15.

The company is also floating the idea of licencing out its WebOS software to third-party vendors including Samsung, according to a variety of media reports.

Richard Kerris, vice-president of worldwide WebOS developer relations at HP’s Palm division, was in Toronto this week and sat down with ComputerWorld Canada to discuss its mobile OS. Despite its enterprise IT pedigree, Kerris said, the WebOS platform has the opportunity to be a dominant player in the consumer smart phone and tablet market.