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Will Web3 disrupt our net zero transition?

The unique properties of Web3 and its applications, platforms, and assets have the potential to overcome some of the biggest challenges to global sustainability, and exciting new projects are demonstrating just how powerful Web3 could be for building a net zero future. motivates kids through Web 2.0 learning

A new online interactive learning channel allows elementary school kids to follow the feats of real Canadians like adventurer Elia Saikaly

Oracle APEX embraces Web 2.0

Oracle's new version of its Application Express lets developers add Web 2.0 to their apps

Socialtext adds tools to manage its Twitter-like stream

One year after it added Signals, a Twitter-like microblogging component, to its eponymous enterprise social networking and collaboration suite, Socialtext is giving users features to manage that stream of posts. Version 4.0 also offers the ability to create collaborative groups.

American IT workers still doing it old school

Web 2.0 remains largely on the fringe in corporate America. Nine out of 10 IT workers never use social networking or videoconferencing for work, Forrester says...


A week removed from Showcase Ontario, we talk one-on-one chat with David Nicholl, Ontario

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