Articles Related to W3C

ATB Ventures to help Canadian government with its digital ID efforts

ATB Ventures has collaborated with the Government of Canada to provide the technology platform to support its National Digital Trust Service proof of concept.

How YubiKey used WebAuthn to achieve security without passwords and more from BSides San Francisco

BSides opened on Day 2 with the founder of YubiKey, the company that developed one of the first secure yet easy-to-use hardware devices for...

Standards group to bar IE10 from claiming ‘Do Not Track’ compliance

If Microsoft doesn't change IE10's on-by-default privacy setting, it can't say browser is compliant when standard is finalized, says W3C

XML workflow specification finalized

The World Wide Web Consortium is finalizing on Tuesday a specification to organize and share XML workflows

XHTML is the future

HTML is dead, long live XHTML! Well at least that

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