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Finding the best way to train IT gurus

During the revamping of IT departments since the tech bust of 2000 many strategic goals were revamped and many standard, sound practices were pushed to the sidelines. One of the key parts tossed was the annual training budget.

Making forms perform

From the earliest days of the Internet, Web sites have benefited from the use of forms. The earliest version of forms used simplistic back-end CGI scripts written in Perl or other scripting languages to process the information and return the user to a thank-you page. The Web has grown up and so has the technology and methodology for building forms. They

Overcoming cookie phobia

Most people love cookies, whether they

FireFox: what

On Nov. 9, 2004 something significant and potentially earth shattering occurred in the world of software development, and specifically to the Web development industry. Yet this event has either gone unnoticed by many IS departments or they

Ten ways to boost your search appeal

While writing search engine-friendly content is out of the control of the Web development team, there is a lot you can do to optimize your site markup for search engines. Here are 10 tips to help you mark-up your code properly.

Will the browser wars begin anew?

No, Microsoft


In May, after spending considerable time reviewing design options with my graphic designer, the majority of my site was switched to pure XHTML.

Time to trim your browser support

We all know the browser wars are over. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the dominant browser. Yet, for various reasons, scores of other browsers remain out there.

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