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Hashtag Trending – Facebook admits to another data leak, Netflilx’s war on password sharing, Google voice-assistant training

New logo, same Facebook, Netflix doesn’t want you to share, and a feel-good campaign to help Google Assistant better understand people with speech impairments.

Something to talk about: Voice recognition

What’s New in Amazon’s AI Toolkit? Meet Lex Polly and Rekognition Lex  Lex is a fully managed service that uses voice and text to build conversational interfaces...

Guide to complete mastery of your Canadian Amazon Echo

So you've just opened up the new Amazon Echo unit that is now officially shipping to Canada, or you're wondering how to configure your American-purchased Alexa for the full Canadian experience. Look no further than this guide.

Office workers are bang-on in choosing the IT that CIOs will NEVER deploy

A global study from Dell and Intel looks at the current and future impact of technology on the workforce

Answering the call

Organizations that are listening to customer frustration are responding in several key ways: by updating call center technology, by making it easier to reach a human agent if necessary and -- in some cases -- by moving from far-flung call center agents to at-home customer service representatives. This strategic about-face marks the emergence of a new breed of call centre -- one that employs technology to connect with its customers, not put them on hold.

Voice app maps the warehouse

When Maines Paper and Food Service, one of the largest food service distributors in the United States, wanted to support more growth out of its flagship distribution center in Conklin, N.Y., voice recognition wasn't the first solution that came to mind.

Customers win as IT vendors mature

Do more with less. Aside from being Microsoft's slogan for its Windows Server 2003, it appears to be the rallying cry of the entire technology sector.

At your own service

The idea of customer self-service

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