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CeBIT show unites IT, telcos and consumer electronics

HANNOVER, GERMANY – It’s easily the largest computer and telecommunications exhibition in the world. With almost 500,000 visitors a year and more than 6,000...

Customers win as IT vendors mature

Do more with less. Aside from being Microsoft's slogan for its Windows Server 2003, it appears to be the rallying cry of the entire technology sector.

Wi-Fi: doing it right the second time

I've been thinking a lot about this whole Wi-Fi business. I've been thinking particularly about the huge amount of money that companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Dell and HP are pouring into initiatives designed to popularize wirelessly connected, 802.11b-compatible mobile computing.

Simple management advice for tough times

I get to see and meet a lot of interesting people in my job


Everyone has been moaning and bitching about how tough life has been over nthe past couple of years, and there has been a tendency for the entire nsector to feel sorry for itself.

Waiting for rewards to outweigh risks

There was a time when pundits could predict with a fair degree of accuracy nthe issues that would provide strong triggers for IT spending.

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