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How and when to go

Just because you decide you want to take IT work offshore doesn

Voice app maps the warehouse

When Maines Paper and Food Service, one of the largest food service distributors in the United States, wanted to support more growth out of its flagship distribution center in Conklin, N.Y., voice recognition wasn't the first solution that came to mind.

Tying together CRM data

During the Vietnam War, the "body count" measured the slow slog of battle against a poorly understood enemy.

How to organize your agenda

Integration is a dilemma these days. On one hand, your CEO wants more ROI from the technology you already own, which means aggressive integration across the company a unified view of the customer, real-time supply chain visibility. You've heard it all before.

Next-generation distributed computing

If your large enterprise is like most, about 10 per cent of your available CPU cycles actually gets used

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