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What Dell privatization means for PCs

Dell will now be a private company. The technology hardware giant, which suffered from years of declining computer sales, will no longer need to...

Tablet shipments to overtake PCs by year’s end: IDC

Over the last couple of years tablets have been taking bites at the PC market, but tablet shipments will surpass those of desktops and...

Microsoft to show off Windows 8 tablet

CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to demo the new OS at next year's CES, according to a New York Times report

Chinese firms plan tablet PCs amid Apple iPad hype

At least two companies have billed their upcoming tablet PC releases as imitation Apple devices. Find out about the new devices and what they'll cost

SkyService pilots replace paper with tablet PCs

The Toronto airline deployed wireless rugged tablet PCs in an effort to improve operational efficiency and pilot productivity. Why the tablets are designed to withstand the rugged environment of an airplane cockpit

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 a compelling hybrid

It's clear much thought has gone into designing the Lenovo ThinkPad X60. It's compact, yet let's you work comfortably, and it makes for a great Windows Vista experience.

Two FIs reveal vendor partner strategies

The stakes are high when choosing technologies and vendor partners. Get it wrong, and sales can tank or projects can fail. Pair that decision-making responsibility with the ongoing constraints on budgets, and IT executives say the task of picking the right technology or the best vendor is an enormous weight to bear and requires meticulous evaluations.

Tablet watch 2001

IBM won

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