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50,000 pages hit in SQL injection attack

The Lizamoon attack started on March 29. The attack, which has been tracked by Websense, exploits a security flaw and allows hackers to insert a link to their website into the URL

UK government to force ISPs to block porn sites

The government wants ISPs to block access to pornography websites, so web users can ensure safe surfing

Microsoft to show off Windows 8 tablet

CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to demo the new OS at next year's CES, according to a New York Times report

30 million PCs are currently unused in the UK

New campaign urges Brits to donate machines to those currently not online. A study reveals that 30 per cent of Brits admit to having on laptop or PC in their house that is never used

India sets BlackBerry data-monitoring deadline

The Indian government has officially asked its mobile networks to ensure they have the ability to monitor emails and messages sent using BlackBerry services by August 31

RIM holds talks with UAE and Saudi Arabia

RIM, along with US and Canadian officials, are holding talks with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia over security concerns about the BlackBerry smartphone

RIM: We avoid designing devices like iPhone 4

Smart phone makers RIM, HTC and Samsung have hit back at Apple's claims that many devices are plagued by reception issues. RIM chief Jim Balsillie led the charge

Privacy group to call cops over Google Wi-Fi blunder

A member of the British-based Privacy Internation says Google's explanation of how it inadvertantly captured wireless data 'doesn't add up.'

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