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Microsoft officially launches Office Web Apps

The online suite is available ahead of Microsoft's Office 2010 launch. Office Web apps will work with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

UK government should concentrate on 2Mbps broadband

Ensuring every home and small business in the UK has access to 2Mbps broadband is more important than offering superfast internet speeds of 100Mbps and above, says Consumerchoices.

Microsoft Office 2010 released to businesses

The software giant will also give users an online version of its office productivity suite. Consumers have to wait until next month to purchase the program

Four in five IT managers don

A new study by Web hosting provider Peer 1 says lack of knowledge hampers uptake. The industry must help IT managers address security and compliance worries

E-mail to become extinct in 10 years?

IM and Facebook more popular than e-mail with younger generations. What will become the dominant mode of communication in the future?

One in five Web attacks aimed at Facebook, other social nets

Online attacks have increased by 30 per cent since last year and SQL injection is still the most popular form of attack, according to security firm Nebulas Solutions Group...

Misread workplace e-mails cause grief

As much as 33 per cent of workers in Britain say they are offended by language used in work e-mails. Bone up of ITWorldCanada's Net etiquette

UK ISPs use Twitter to help solve broadband problems

Here's a look at how Internet service providers are leveraging the micro blogging site to provide customers an instant fix

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