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One million U.K. children make illicit online purchases

Parents believe their children don't buy online without permission, but a British insurance company's research suggests otherwise

Nicolas Sarkozy falls prey to cybercrooks

French authorities tighten Internet banking security after it was revealed that hackers had stolen 'small sums of money' from the online bank account of the country's president

New data security measures implemented by U.K. defence ministry

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has detailed how it intends to implement a number of recommendations made by the Information Assurance Advisory Council regarding its data security.

Ofcom implements ISP code for broadband speeds

ISPs who abide by the code will also be expected to allow customers to move to lower price packages if estimates are inaccurate, highlight usage limits and alert customers who have reached such limits

Losing personal data may soon be a criminal offence

Mislaying personal data may soon become a criminal offence in the U.K. The House of Lords has backed an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, proposed by Liberal Democrat Lady Miller.

Public WiFi access requested by London mayoral candidate

Londoners may be given access to free Wi-Fi connections in public areas around the capital. Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat candidate running for Mayor of London, wants to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots in the "10 main inner London boroughs."

UK regulator says mobiles okay on flights

Ofcom says new technology won't interfere with aircraft instrumentation. But tray tables must remain in the locked position

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