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Twitter, Facebook, social net users place company at risk

At least 25 per cent of firms suffer from social network phishing attacks. If your employees are using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at work your company could be exposed to serious cyber attacks, according to Sophos

Brits value say broadband like water

Nearly 73 per cent of Britons believe having broadband connection is just as important as water or electricity, according to recent survey

700 Yahoo workers to lose jobs

Yahoo announces it will lay off five per cent of its workforce following announcements that the company's net income fell by as much as 78 per cent in the first quarter of 2009

Twitter, Wikipedia to be taught in classroom

British kids to learn blogging and podcast skills

Web turns 20

Web turns 20

CERN marks the World Wide Web's 20th anniversary

Red alert on Valentine e-cards

Cupid's arrows are the least of your worries these Valentine's Day, says security firm Sophos. According to their research at least 82 per cent of systems administrators find electronic greeting cards IT security risks

Average U.K. broadband speed is 3.6Mbps

Government research shows online users getting significantly less than most advertised speeds. If you live in London, the odds of faster service are better than in the rest of the country

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