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How bankruptcies can affect your business

If Nortel execs have bankruptcy on their minds, should you as well? With so much of the financial industry hurting your supplier or software-as-a-service provider might be in danger of folding

Um, what noise?

We are used to annoying IT flaws, but new workers provide a fresh set of eyes that see the problems we

Opinion: Cryptic Reading

A report released by the Government Accountability details lax encryption efforts at 24 U.S. agencies and departments.

Opinion: BlackBerry outage: How much reliability is necessary?

How much reliability can you afford? Last Monday afternoon, BlackBerries stopped working again. For about three hours, the CrackBerry addicts couldn't get their mobile e-mail fix. The root cause: an unsuccessful infrastructure upgrade by BlackBerry vendor Research In Motion.

Not to be confused with real architects

In IT, we love titles that come from the construction world and maybe the responsibilities of an IT architect should be more similar to those of a real architect

Microsoft’s weird delight

ComputerWorld columnist Mark Hayes weighed in on Microsoft's reaction to the rejection as an international of its Office Open XML file format. Were they really "delighted" or was that plain, old cynicism from Microsoft?

The top 10 products of the past 40 years

Forty years: Thousands of IT products. Many of them made a huge difference for technology professionals, and they're fondly remembered. But only a few truly transformed IT - and how IT people, users and businesses did their work. Here are 10 IT products that changed everything.


COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEWhat now for the Hewlett-Packard Four? You’ve already seen the headlines: Earlier this month, a Silicon Valley judge dropped all charges...

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