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Western Digital releases WD Red SN700 enterprise NVMe SSD

The drive is designed for NAS and comes in 250GB to 4TB capacities.

What is Western Digital’s OptiNAND?

Among the announcements Western Digital made at its HDD Re/Imagine event on Sept. 1, OptiNAND stood out. At first glance, it appears that Western...

What’s in the future for graph databases?

Graph databases have matured into mainstream information technology and delivered value to organizations in a wide range of applications. Here's how you can expect them to evolve.

Western Digital’s new ZNS SSDs is optimized for muti-tenancy

Is it time for ZNS SSDs to shine in the enterprise?

Life after the hard drive: what is the future of storage?

The reliable mechanical hard drive is getting replaced by cloud storage and solid state drives. What does the future of storage technology look like?

Embrace faster memory and storage

Have you embraced the shift in memory and storage? There are many applications benefiting from the rise in both storage capacity and data I/O (read/write) speeds rivaling that of memory access.

User demand, storage commoditization fueling mergers

Storage industry experts weigh in on what's driving the recent spate of mergers and acquisitions in the storage arena

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