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Salesforce kicks off Dreamforce with 6 ‘code-free’ DIY platform tools

Salesforce intends to bring developer-level capabilities to more of its users with a series of code-free 'drag-and-drop' tools to build digital experiences.

Apple may patch serious SMS vulnerability on iPhone

The iPhone is more secure than MacOS X-based computers, but SMS may be a critical weakness

Cloud computing will see devs soar to new heights

Australian experts believe software developers will rake in cash writing applications for cloud computing

Dev Bytes

Sun hits 'Jackpot' with futuristic toolsA picture may be worth a thousand words, or a million lines of code, according to James ...

Court denies Microsoft rehearing

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Thursday rejected Microsoft Corp.'s request for a rehearing on its decision that the software giant illegally "commingled" operating system and browser code. In doing so, the court denied the software maker's bid to reverse a ruling handed down last month affirming that the company illegally tied its software code for the Windows operating system to its Internet Explorer Web browser.

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