Articles Related to SOA

HP says it can orchestrate the datacentre

By adding a tool for modeling business processes and IT architecture, company says it can optimize all operations

How to virtualize your software portfolio

IT managers have to be prepared for a constantly changing environment that can adapt to new applications being added from the cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things

Oracle touts Fusion apps as Salesforce killer

CEO Larry Ellison says his company's hardware and software are more modern and versatile for cloud environments

Use a business approach in SOA design, governance: Expert

You likely have the impression that SOA is best thought of as a technical approach for application integration. The reality is that SOA is much more. Forrester analyst Randy Heffner offers five points of guidance

Think SOA when building, running apps on cloud: Forrester

Infrastructure-as-a-service platforms will improve. But enterprise architects, too, have work to do in taking an SOA approach to the business apps they build to run in the cloud. Plus, comparing the ROI from CRM, ERP and business productivity apps in the cloud

SOA is indeed alive and well, says report

New research data from research firm Forrester shows most enterprises are still doing services-oriented architecture, and happily

SOA gets cozy in financial services

Business services is definitely not dead, or even dying, says a new Forrester report. How services-oriented architecture is thriving in the financial sector

Talend acquires SOA vendor Sopera

The open source data integration vendor Talend acquires a open source enterprise service bus vendor and nets a bigger play in middleware as a result

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