Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart is a 40 year veteran of IT management and above. He is an executive advisor serving CIOs and senior executives in areas of governance, strategy, complex architectural transitions, portfolio yield and value generation. - See more at:

Articles by Bruce Stewart

There is talent out there

Look carefully at the contractors and consultants you have around your organization. How many of them could break through your HR scan if they applied?

When to use contractors and consultants, and when to train

While bringing in new skills and experience with the new technology you're implementing is a good thing, you can do too much of it

When your team needs to change its practices and skills

Tips on how to manage the transition to new skills and practices

‘Hi, I’m from IT…’

Do you, as an IT person, know your client's business?

Can you split IT spending evenly between maintenace and new gear?

Ten years ago, there was a strong longitudinal study performed of IT spending. This wasn't the typical "how much is this industry spending" type:...

How to engage with real enterprise architecture

A business model canvas may help the business side work better with IT

How to virtualize your software portfolio

IT managers have to be prepared for a constantly changing environment that can adapt to new applications being added from the cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things

CIO agenda 2014: Overcoming your debt problem

IT is an investment, but it comes at a price. Read why its essential managers have to pay more attention to the bottom line

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