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Survey highlights IT-business process control issues

Two thirds of respondents said they have experienced delays in business processes due to manual intervention such as scripting, which is done by three out of four firms

Novell keeps adding to Sentinel 6

Novell has announced further enhancements to its security information and event management (SEIM) solution, Sentinel 6. The new service pack helps Sentinel 6 gather and correlate security and non-security information from across an organization

Tamarin to make Firefox, Flash dance in unison

Adobe Systems will contribute source code to the Mozilla Foundation as the two organizations aim to establish a standard scripting language that developers can use to create interactive applications for Adobe's Flash Player and Mozilla's Firefox browser.

Open-AJAX forges ahead

Members of the OpenAjax initiative, formed in February to promote the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Web scripting technique, have generally agreed on a definition of AJAX that concurs with Wikipedia

Security vendor patches fatal IE flaw

With Microsoft Corp. saying that it may wait until April 11 to patch a critical vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser, security vendor eEye Digital Security Inc. has released what it calls a "temporary" patch to address the problem.

Beware of IE bug, Net users warned

Security experts are warning Internet users to be careful where they click, thanks to a nasty unpatched bug in the way Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser handles the JavaScript computer language. The bug is of particular concern because security researchers in the U.K. have now published "proof of concept" code showing how hackers could exploit the problem and possibly take over a Windows system.

PrimalScript 4.0 boon for all users

Windows administrators have long been denied good scripting tools with real enterprise features. Instead, they quite often offer little more than the most basic syntax colouring and text editing. PrimalScript 4.0 by Sapien gives administrators the features they

Sun, Zend integrate PHP with Sun’s Web

Sun Microsystems Inc. has partnered with Zend Technologies Ltd. in a move to let developers deploy applications written using the PHP scripting language on Sun's Java Web server, the companies announced Monday.

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