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Cell phones are new botnet spam targets

Security researchers are warning that the next big spam threat might not be for PCs but rather for cell phones

Security consequences mean virtualization will cost you more, Black Hat speaker says

Researchers detail rootkits for NIC cards and Cisco's IOS routers, how to hack OSX, and more at the annual security conference

Inside the CIAs extreme technology makeover, part 1

An exclusive look inside the CIA's IT-driven transformation. Thomas Wailgum visits Langley headquarters to interview CIO Al Tarasiuk.

A sneak peek at next-gen search and collaboration

Microsoft is showcasing its nascent search technologies and announced a computer science operating system would be available free of charge. Find out how Salsa will add Web 2.0 capability to Outlook

New tech invention moves us closer to quantum computer

Researchers in Japan have developed new circuit technology touted to be the vital next step towards the realization of a practical quantum computer.

DDR2 is most popular PC memory chip

After a much longer than expected delay, DDR2 (double data rate, second generation) has finally taken over as the most popular memory chip used in PCs.

AOL fires CTO over search scandal

AOL LLC has fired its chief technology officer (CTO) in the wake of a controversy in which the Web portal and Internet service provider released private search results of thousands of its subscribers, the Wall Street Journal Online reported.

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