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CIOs in 2011: The IT roles and strategies in high demand

A recent Forrester Research survey of 140 IT decision-makers found that the demand for "cost reduction" related IT roles and strategies have ebbed

12 Tech Survey Topics That Should Die in 2011

The most insulting types of surveys are those undertaken, crafted and paid for by high-tech vendors who slice and dice the results not to uncover important market truisms but, rather, to validate their strategies and products

CMOs and CIOs: Can this relationship be saved?

The good news: Nearly 80 percent of marketing executives and 68 percent of IT executives said that digital marketing is important to their organizations. The bad news: The disconnect is worse than everrn

The new new CIO role: Big changes ahead

The CIO extreme makeover necessitated right now isn't a mere cosmetic rehab. It will demand a mighty effort from those IT leaders whose comfort zone involves four walls, lots of servers and voluminous air-conditioning

Your workplace in 2020: Gartner’s predictions

The market research firm forsees 10 major changes occuring in the next decade. Here are five of the most interesting, with some additional context

CFOs to CIOs: You Work for Me Now

In a Gartner survey, 42 per cent of organizations reported their IT departments reported to the chief financial officer. In three of four firms, the CFO is a key decision maker in IT spending

Agile BI: meet user demand, beat IT complexity

An 'Agile BI' strategy gets the development done faster and reacts more quickly to changing business requirements, says a Forrester analyst.

Enterprise data management practices not good

Only 51 per cent of surveyed IT managers engaged in data quality management work but it

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