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Check Point systems can be consolidated

Virtual Systems gateway lets administrators merge its firewall/VPN, intrusion-prevention and other security products onto one appliance

Network firewalls, mainframes are still security favorites

Old technologies seemingly never die. Read why two IT managers need two of the oldest to secure their organizations

86% of Web sites deliver third-party cookies

Media, travel and hospitality, and banking sites are among those that will deliver cookies to your browser for advertisers. Find out how many don't comply with your browser's "do not track" option

Check Point product line offers anti-DDoS protection

The new Check Point anti-DDoS line is being offered as seven different appliances in two basic form factors, beginning at $19,000

Fabric-based computing could cost IT jobs: Gartner

New approach may mean fewer operations and administrative staff are needed to keep an enterprise network going, analysts warn conference

Users of mobile devices want more security

Survey says users look to service providers to be protected as they use public wireless networks

Security of U.S. industrial control systems questioned

Energy and manufacturing facilities are being openly warned they are being targeted by attackers who will often try to infiltrate business networks

U.S. Army finds IT security certification difficulties

To cope with the shortage of certified personnel, fewer individuals working in sensitive areas will have to meet the previous requirements

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