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Edge Computing: why this investment is critical to a business’ bottom line

The need for a high-speed data conduit between service providers and customers will only grow as our data consumption increases; from growing popularity in the smart home market and a desire for more connected vehicles, to the continued shift towards a distributed workplace. 

Almost two-thirds of Canadians do not want to work full time from office – report

As organizations around the world continue reopening their offices after COVID-related closures, more employers are making plans to bring remote employees back to a...

3 ways to make friends remotely – Harvard Business Review

Researchers describe three ways to overcome significant barriers to developing friendships while working remotely.

Managing remote employees: 8 best practices for leaders now – The Enterprisers Project

There is a growing need for IT leaders to optimize the work-from-home proposition and rethink the remote work environment for it to be successful in the long run.

The Remote Working Marathon – Moral, Flexibility and The Gender Divide – Forbes

A blend of the old way of working and the new is probably the future, a new Forbes research found. And this is essential...

How to Have a Successful Virtual Happy Hour – The New York Times

When in-person drink parties all but disappeared during the work from home shift, virtual happy hour sessions has been helping maintain social relations. The...

What Canada’s top CEOs think about remote work – The Conversation

In his recent research, Jean-Nicolas Reyt, assistant professor of organizational behavior at McGill University, analyzed the language chief executive officers used in quarterly earnings calls with analysts and investors.

4 Pitfalls Of Working Remote: The Lesser-Discussed Reality – Forbes

The ongoing pandemic has made remote work essential for nearly everyone. The topic has taken over the internet and every other article is about...

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