When in-person drink parties all but disappeared during the work from home shift, virtual happy hour sessions has been helping maintain social relations. The New York Times gave some helpful pointers on how you can ensure that a video happy hour is a fun time for everyone:

  • Get ready: The act of getting ready will give you a sense of normalcy. So, shake off those rumpled clothes and put on a nice outfit to get into the happy hour spirit. 
  • Be seated comfortably: Choose a place in your home where you can totally relax. Also, make to set the appropriate lighting lighting to create a nice ambiance. 
  • Settle on food and drinks in advance: Create your own version of a cocktail or mocktail and share the recipe with each of your virtual drinking partners ahead of time so that they can drink along with you if they want to. Give the virtual bar a nice name to influence people’s food and drink choices, and help them get into the happy hour spirit at home. Also, the drinks don’t have to be alcoholic, a healthy smoothie or juice are excellent alternatives.
  • Keep the conversation light and going: Encourage everyone to share their experiences while working from home, and the things they are grateful for. 
  • Listen: Encourage everyone to be prepared to listen. Everyone will try to speak, but regulate and let everyone participate for a great session. 
  • Go for the grid view: A grid view will allow you to see everyone more clearly and make you feel like you are sitting with everyone at a restaurant or a bar. 


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  • Keep it small: Keeping your happy hour fairly intimate will benefit you in different ways. Too many people in a session will result in chaos (especially after a few glasses). Appointing a moderator can help you keep the conversation run smoothly. 
  • End on a high note: Keep the virtual happy hour short and sweet, then tell the participants about your plans for the next virtual happy hour. 


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