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Lawyer confirms identity of ‘lost’ iPhone seller

A 21-year-old California man was identified by his lawyer Thursday as the person who sold a prototype iPhone to Gizmodo, which published photos and other information about the unreleased device. The college student 'regrets' not making more effort to return prototype to Apple.

IBM grants Jazz up research funds

Big Blue grants money to two teams at the University of Calgary focusing on collaboration technologies. How one team plans to develop a user profile plug-in to the Jazz interface.

Caught in a loop of endless coding

I was deeply relieved when a prominent developer whisked me away to her company. My new outfit used versioning software and ran an up-to-date version of my programming language. I was bedazzled! The first six months were wonderful. Then, one day in February the owners sent out for pizza, called the developers together, and announced that it was now our duty to produce a new product destined to take over a missing piece of the market pie by Christmas.

Vendor EHR networks get prime time debut

Four vendors on Tuesday demonstrated electronic health records (EHR) and showed off their prototypes to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' American Health Information Community (AHIC) advisory board.

World Cup – Mobile TV looks sharp at games

It's far from perfect but it isn't bad: a new commercial broadcast mobile TV service was launched just in time for the World Cup soccer tournament taking place in Germany through July 9.

Sony strikes deal to develop OLED

Sony Corp. is planning to work with Japanese oil company Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd. on the development of luminous materials for future OLED displays, the two companies said.

HP offers peek at future of large, plastic displays

Imagine sitting down to your computer and seeing thin, plastic colour displays on either side of your monitor, showing high-resolution text pages you can refer to and print from.

App could bolster small businesses

Dan Bricklin fostered the PC revolution when he helped create VisiCalc for Apple Computer Inc. almost 25 years ago. It and its successors, Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel, were the original

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