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Indoor golf experience provider elevates projector performance

Experience taught the team at Peak Performance & Athletics that when it comes to projector solutions, there is a huge difference between “okay” and...

ViewSonic M1+ portable projector review: smarter, but not brighter

Projectors are no longer the boring devices stuck on the office ceiling. The boom of portable projectors adds flexibility to when and where you...

CES: Asus takes to the small screen

The Eee Keyboard connects to anything with a display screen to the Net, but has its own five-inch screen just in case. WITH VIDEO

Royal Ontario Museum to be digitally SKRTCH

Toronto's Manifesto urban arts festival this week will include a computer-based mechanism for rendering 3D images on one of the city's most visible landmarks. The user interface? A vinyl turntable

Virtual tech props opps in lower Canada

A videoconferencing system is proving to be a lifeline for many First Nations communities in Quebec, offering residents opportunities in education and training not previously accessible, thanks to the First Nations Education Council (FNEC).

Aid program update: First vendor comes on board

In the May issue of CIO Canada we announced that we were putting IT World Canada's...

Pushing buttons astrophysicist-style

What does it take to shock a ballroom filled with 500 savvy computing experts?

NEC LCD Multisync LT155 ultra portable projector

NEC's portable LCD projector

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