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Involving the business in BC planning

Business continuity is not about IT, it's about the business. Members of the CIO Executive Council offer advice on getting senior management to take ownership of this critical function.

CIO Executive Council: Improving Alignment within the business

The CIO Executive Council shares insights on building business-savvy staff, promoting the understanding of IT, and building relationships with the business.

From the Editorial Director

In the late eighties when the title Chief Information Officer first began to air, it reflected two important trends. The first was the growing recognition of information and information systems as key corporate assets. The second was the changing focus of IT from a largely supporting role for back office systems, to an enabling role in the development of new business capabilities. IT was becoming strategic, and so profoundly integrated into the fabric of the enterprise

The next step in uniting CIOs

The launch of the CIO Executive Council in Canada brings a new level of maturity and interactivity to the profession in Canada and builds bridges to IT executive peers around the globe.

From the Editorial Director: Gimme a break !

If anyone were to ask me right now I

From the Editorial Director: Three thoughts about communication

I recently got a call from a distributor of gas and electricity; one of those calls offering a better deal than the one you

From the Publisher

Over the past couple of months I

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