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Will the multitude of conflicting regulations make it impossible to achieve compliance?

These are a few of your favourite things

I’ve spent some time now poring over the results of the CIO Insider Survey and speaking with several CIOs about what’s behind some of...

Would you want to do business with you?

Over the last several months, in this column and in other articles, we've made a number of references to vendor relationships. Often, it's to make a point in which the vendors come off looking, well, not so good. In fairness to the vendor community we should acknowledge that it takes two to make a relationship, and it may be worth a moment to examine our own roles as customers.

letter from the publisher

IT Managers irrelevant to enterprise mobility?I was struck recently by this headline that appeared in the daily news section of our Web site,...

Letter from the Editor-in-chief

After two or three years of turmoil,

Letter from the Editor-in-chief

As industries mature, consolidation inevitably follows, and so it has been in the IT market.

From the Editor-in-chief

Sometime last year I was attending one of those IT executive conferences.

From the Editor-in-chief

Since its launch in June, the CIO Exchange has conducted several teleconference and face-to-face meetings and attracted a growing core of members.

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