Articles Related to programming

Three links for free online technology courses

Universities are starting to offer free IT courses over the Web through various platforms. Learn more about a few of them here

Narrow loss for UofA at programming challenge

ICPC CHALLENGE At a gathering of the world

Interview: Teaching IBM mainframe computing

RADIO ITWC Ryerson instructor Horace Dyke joins the podcast, via guest interviewer Brian Bloom, to talk mainframes and education

IBM to turbo charge more servers with accelerators

The company will add homegrown chips and FPGAs to servers in order to boost application performance

What agile software vendors are missing: Forrester

The co-author of a new Forrester report on the state of agile management software lists the functionality that agile developers need but still don


A Red Hat exec fears Oracle may control Java more tightly than Sun Microsystems did, while others take a more sanguine perspective. Opinions in the community remain split on the matter

Graphical coding is like

A panel of Microsoft distinguished engineers offers revealing and humorous views on the state of programming

Google unveils new programming language

Called Go, the language is being released as open source and should reduce the complexity of coding without compromising app performance

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