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Weekend worms strike Twitter

Twitter reviews its coding practices after a 17-year-old admits to launching a weekend attack exploiting cross-site scripting bugs of the micro-blogging service

Three myths of enterprise wiki deployment

As organizations get caught up in the excitement of enterprise 2.0, platforms like wikis may appear simple enough, but your employees may not think so. Why you don

Open source ISVs get bona fide customer referrals

A Toronto firm that specializes in voice over IP technology creates a developer network that will link businesses with hand-picked companies that could meet customer needs. An early adopter in Australia touts the benefits

Let the bidding begin: Canada’s spectrum auction

There are 27 companies lined up to get a piece of the wireless pie, including the major incumbents and a slew of fledgling startups. Get up to speed with our complete pre-event coverage

Meet the Flintbox: A Canadian IP resource

CATA is offering free profiles for one year on a networking service for innovators. Flintbox is teaming up with industry associations and it came in handy during the SARS scare

Palm readers to the rescue in Australia

Advanced biometrics and nationwide databases containing information on DNA will be used to beef up Australian law enforcement agencies as part of an effort to tighten department collaboration investigations by July 2008.

MySpace says it wont release sex offenders’ names

Citing federal and state law prohibition, is refusing to provide the names of registered sex offenders found using its Web site to a group of state attorneys general. "We are doing everything short of breaking the law to ensure that the information about these predators gets to the proper authorities," said Hemanshu Nigam, chief security officer at, in an e-mail to Computerworld.

Microsoft hails security focus in Web services package

Microsoft on Monday is releasing an upgrade to its free WSE (Web Services Enhancements) package for Windows developers, focusing on security. An add-on component to Visual Studio 2005 and the .Net Framework 2.0, WSE 3.0 "dramatically simplifies the development of secure Web services," said Ari Bixhorn, director Web services strategy at Microsoft.

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