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8 essential components to a compliant privacy notice

Despite the risks, many organizations don't thoroughly vet their privacy notices and consent requirements, which is how they often wind up being non-compliant and ultimately run into trouble.

Facebook seeks to meet with Schumer on privacy issues

Executives at Facebook say they have been unsuccessful in efforts to meet with a U.S. senator who has been publicly pushing the social networking site to revise its privacy policy.

Frankly Speaking – Sun CPO urges proactive development of corporate privacy policies

Companies shouldn't wait for government or customers to prod them to develop privacy policies says Michelle Dennedy, CPO of Sun Microsystems Inc

Holes in Google

Some Google observers are concerned that a new privacy policy announced by the Web search giant may contain holes that could make it possible to connect search logs to the names of users, potentially defeating the purpose of Google's plan to make records about user searches anonymous after 18 to 24 months.

Addressing PDA privacy risks

How well do you and your staff counter the privacy risks of your PDAs? Check out these questions Darwin magazine asked its readers.

A little bird that guards your online privacy

If you want to get detailed information about how Web sites use your personal data, then you need to listen to a little bird


Are companies responsible for privacy practices of third-party links on their Web site?

Privacy concerns cool holiday spirit

Even as the ranks of online shoppers swell, persistent concerns about security and privacy are still making many consumers shy about spending their money online this holiday season.

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