How well do you and your staff counter the privacy risks of your PDAs? Check out these questions Darwin magazine asked its readers.

Do you know what your company’s privacy and information security policies are regarding wireless devices

especially those that connect to networks or mainframe systems?

Do you use passwords and screen lockout features on your PDA or other wireless devices in order to avoid the risk that someone will see, access or retrieve confidential information?

Do you follow your company’s privacy policy prior to collecting information on your PDA? (Without receiving prior permission, the collection of information about the end-customer may be a violation of the law.)

Do you download personal software on your PDA?

Darwin reports that 66 per cent respondents of their PDA Quiz follow their company’s privacy policy before collecting personal information on their PDA and 65 per cent know their company’s privacy and information security policies for wireless devices. But, 61 per cent admitted to downloading personal software on their PDAs

a practice frowned upon by many companies.