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Hashtag Trending Sept. 2 – California’s power shortage; U.S. restricts China’s AI chips access; California’s digital asset law

California may experience a power shortage, U.S. wants to restrict China’s access to advanced AI chips, and California is set to pass a digital...

Tripp Lite makes edge deployment easy

Tripp Lite Makes Edge Deployment Easy with EdgeReady™ Micro Data Centers Preconfigured Infrastructure for Edge Computing Chicago, IL (September 23, 2019) — Tripp Lite, a global...

Maintain business certainty with intelligent network power protection

Power outages are unfortunately a fact of life. The key question is not if they’re going to happen but what your company needs to...

Island school district finds power and data center peace of mind

Storms and power glitches are not uncommon occurrences on remote islands off the continental US's northwest coast. In the case of Bainbridge Island, an...

A question of ethics in open designs

IT shops should consider the same ethical obligations they have to the public and clients as they do their designs -- and review their intentions to meet them

Wireless charging consortium Rezence to debut products at CES

If the consortium created by Qualcomm and Samsung has its way, some smart phones, tablets and phablets could be charged wirelessly by the Christmas 2014.

Taking a trip with your Android devices

One of the upsides of business travel is getting the chance to visit a lot of different places and see new things. But one...

Energy Efficient Ethernet being put to the test

A university has begun interoperability testing of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet gear using the emerging 802.3az standard, expected to be finalized next year

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