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After Android 5 ‘Jelly Bean’: ‘Key Lime Pie’?

Google picks its code names alphabetically, working its way through desserts. Reportedly, the next Android OS will be Key Lime Pie

Phoney iPads, iPhones test new Apple engineers

Apple engineers work on fake products for months at a time to test their trustworthiness

Ex-HP Chair Patricia Dunn dies at 58

The successor to Carly Fiorina, ousted after a spying scandal, passes after a long battle with cancer

Father of RFID, Charles Walton, passes at 89

The first patent to mention the technology, for a "portable radio frequency emitting identifier," was awarded to his company in 1983rn

Accel buys into Big Data hype with $100M venture fund

HADOOP WORLD CONFERENCE The fund will be advised by some of the biggest names in Big Data

World’s thinnest material may boost Internet speeds

Graphene, a carbon-based material, could be combined with metallic nanostructures to improve the amount of light optical devices can handle, say scientists

Tech leaders offer career advice to grads

Earlier this month, Cisco CEO John Chambers delivered a commencement speech at Duke, while Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak did the same at Michigan State and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did likewise at USC

Facebook blackout in Algeria

There are mixed reports as to whether the Internet has been shut down in Algeria or not

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