Maintain business certainty with intelligent network power protection

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Power outages are unfortunately a fact of life. The key question is not if they’re going to happen but what your company needs to have locked down in advance of one. For many organizations, a UPS solution has brought the kind of business certainty that comes with a full assurance that their network — and critical data — will be safe when a blackout occurs.

Let’s face it: computers are temperamental and fragile. However, they will likely be at their worst — at their most temperamental and fragile — when an unexpected power failure occurs. The hard drives inside your machines will grind to an abrupt halt. More often than not there will be some damage.

Suddenly your system may not detect your hard drives, or your hard drives will not spin as they should. This could leave you with serious data loss and critical hardware dysfunction. Recovery of your data might be possible, but often these desperate salvage operations end in failure.

Power uncertainty can come in other forms as well, including: too-low power supply, which can hamper your machines’ performance; too-high power supply, which can lead to overheating; and clean power issues, where the power coming from your building is of an inconsistent voltage and frequency, which makes your machines work harder and leads to inefficiencies and even component deterioration over the long term.

And there it is — with a single blackout, in the blink of an eye, your company could be out a day’s work or more. If there’s anything worse than suffering such a heavy loss, it’s that you had the opportunity beforehand to look into putting a UPS solution in place but put it off because you were too wrapped up in the day-to-day running of your operation.

But data is not the only thing your organization stands to lose in a blackout. You could also lose serious money. A power outage, whether it’s sustained or just a few seconds in length, can bring heavy financial losses and cost days of productivity. As an example, an industrial plant may incur a loss as high as $17,000 CDN for a mere 30-minute power interruption, or an eye-popping $111,000 CDN for an eight-hour outage (Source: “Risk Management Options” – Power Blackout Risks (n.d.) CRO Forum).

But this is just the tangible loss; intangible losses can also be sustained in the form of damage to reputation, and with that a loss of future business opportunities.

Many organizations have found a measure of business certainty by implementing the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage, and network power protection: Smart-UPSTM. This solution offers such features as:

  • High-efficiency green mode – optimum efficiency for lower utility and cooling costs
  • Emergency Power Off – remote UPS shutoff in the event of a fire or other emergency
  • Alphanumeric LCD display – intuitive interface provides detailed and accurate information and ability to configure locally
  • Battery disconnect – convenient disconnect of battery for transport
  • Network-grade power – stable power conditions by filtering noise, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), and surge protection
  • Advanced battery management – temperature-compensated charging extends life and advanced algorithms recommend replacement date

APCTM award-winning Smart-UPSTM network availability and manageability allows you to focus on business growth rather than business downtime. Download the Schneider Electric white paper “Smart-UPSTM with APCTM SmartConnect” for a quick and clean tour of Smart-UPSTM.


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Sponsored By: Schneider Electric

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