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PureApplication System

The unique patterns that run on the IBM PureApplication System come optimized with industry best practices and deployment strategies to deliver an infrastructure that’s...

Red Hat overhauls JBoss portal interface

Red Hat releases version 5.0 of its JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform

Why Canada should open source the government

David Eaves has already worked with the City of Vancouver on open data projects. Now he's making the case for a self-emerging, bottom-up approach to delivering public sector services to citizens. A case in point: 911

Sympatico and MSN break up, but stay friends

Bell and Microsoft are launching independent portals today to replace the former site. Vice-presidents Gary Anderson and Owen Sagness discuss what brought them together and why they decided to break up.

Project management software, social apps swap features

LiquidPlanner online management application gets collaboration tools and PBWorks wiki includes task management to its bag of tricks.Does this mean SaaS vendors are trying to be all things to all people?

OpenID gains support for online single sign-on

IBM, VeriSign and the major search firms are all backing a framework that would ease the user name and password hassles. Officials explain why this time it might actually work

Industry ponders BEA, Oracle product overlaps

The two companies have been fierce competitors particularly in the application server arena, but analysts wonder if the proposed acquisition deal is just about buying another customer list

Canadian physicians keen to deploy IT

Canadian physicians want to use more online tools to consult with their patients, but they say there are obstacles. And one of those obstacles is remuneration.

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