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App portability in cloud still a work in progress

It's still hard to move workloads from one cloud service to another or from an internal data centre to a cloud provider. The three app categories that might resolve this

PORTFOLIO: Lenovo ThinkPad T400s light yet powerful

Targeted at mid to large enterprise users, the ThinkPad T400s is meant to be thin and light for portability, yet powerful for usage. A keyboard redesign renders tighter spacing and some keys larger. WITH VIDEO

Tech-ed: More goodies in free Hyper-V Server update

Microsoft says stay tuned for live migration of virtual machines, host server clustering and a number of advanced features in its upcoming hypervisor software

Canadian blogger publishes privacy manifesto

Iotum CEO Alec Saunders slams companies for disregarding consumers

JBoss’s Fleury

The JBoss Group LLC is best-known as the provider of the JBoss open source application server, and it has also been known for having disagreements with Sun about licensing of Java test suites. But those disagreements were resolved in 2003. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill met with JBoss CEO and Founder Marc Fleury during the "J2EE 1.4 Kickoff Event" last week in San Francisco to discuss the company and open source issues.

Can we get some support here?

As IT managers look to a hopeful and optimistic 2003, the reality of the IT landscape remains stark and harsh. Budgets are still not what they were a few years ago, and managers are tasked with extending the life of systems they never thought they would have to support for this long.


Business leaders should begin examining now how the convergence of next-generation handheld computers and high-speed wireless connectivity will shape the future of end-user computing.

Sleek and chic, the iBook grows up

Carrying an Apple iBook is a bit like holding a baby: People stop to admire it. The new model's white-on-white case and its diminutive size (slightly larger than a piece of typing paper and only 1.35 inches thick) make this portable hard to resist.

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