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Creating dashboards for the enterprise

Enterprise application performance or service level management solutions not only help companies adhere to business-defined SLAs. They also help IT staffs to identify problems quickly in complex, distributed applications that often involve multiple technology stacks from many vendors. When production issues do occur, these tools promptly pinpoint the problem. Time to resolution is cut short and finger pointing among different technology groups is eliminated.

TeamTrack keeps business flowing

No matter what industry you work in, process breakdowns can be a costly problem, one that BPM (business process management) tools are meant to address. However, many BPM tools, such as defect trackers and version control solutions, focus on a single facet of BPM rather than managing varied processes in an integrated manner.

Data mining outside the firewall

How do your company's pricing models compare to that of competitors? Are customers making it to your site's deep links or leaving shortly after visiting the home page?

XML database

E-business middleman

Across the enterprise

This product review takes a look at Informatica Applications 5, which provides a solid analytics platform that enables business managers to examine data across the enterprise and to make fast and accurate decisions.


Business leaders should begin examining now how the convergence of next-generation handheld computers and high-speed wireless connectivity will shape the future of end-user computing.

Forte fuels B2B apps

This product review looks at Sun Microsystems

New paradigm for B2B

Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) has long been a key component of B2C transactions. Business leaders should now make EBPP a priority for B2B transactions as well.

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