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Vista anti-crack campaign resumes

Microsoft re-launches its program to sniff out pirated software by feeding Windows Vista Ultimate users with and update that targets 'SoftMods'


Symantec Corp. is seeking a ruling from a California court to support its right to detect and identify as adware certain program files from New York-based Inc.

Keeping an eye on spyware

Think spyware is merely a nuisance? Think again. With these types of programs spreading and becoming more sophisticated, they can pose a significant security risk.

AOL survey finds rampant threats, uninformed users

Various forms of snooping programs such as spyware and adware are on a whopping 80 per cent of systems. Despite that, more than two thirds of home users think they are safe from online threats, study finds.

Fewer pop-ups means more work

We all hate them, those annoying pop-over and pop-under (collectively called "pop-up") ads that sprout up while we're surfing the Web.

Ads ad nauseum

There's been a lot of discussion recently about pop-up ads on Web pages -- you know, those browser windows that spring up (or under...

Microsoft issues patch for Office 2000 registration bug

Microsoft Corp. has posted a software patch to fix a registration glitch experienced recently by an unknown number of Office 2000 users.

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