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Blogosphere: Oracle as an OEM

One pundit says leaders in the date warehouse appliance space, such as Teradata and Netazza, will not disappear. Get the tech industry chatter on HP Oracle Database Machine

IBM updates AIX 6 with virtualization, security

The post-beta version will allow administrators to create multiple partitions, each with customized memory settings for users and application workloads, a Big Blue executive says. Plus: A Power 6 blade

Linux grows among the Lupins in Australian state

Linux is growing along with the wheat, barley, chickpeas, and lupins in Perenjori, a small shire in Western Australia, thanks to a man named Barry Kauler. Kauler is the man behind "Puppy" ( -- a 60MB CD bootable GNU Linux based operating system that can run on old PCs with very little RAM. Version two of the distro looks set for release in April.

Intel packs more punch into cell phones

Intel Corp. announced last month a second generation of Flash memory that could double the present memory capacity while more than halving the amount of energy consumed in cell phones.

Sun launches Solaris 9, touts integrated features

Sun Microsystems rolled out the latest upgrade to its Solaris operating system on May 22, announcing a plan to add key middleware and management components that broaden the capabilities of its Unix platform.

Software gives IT managers fewer disks to manage

As storage networks continue to grow in size and value, companies are finding that storage virtualization tools enable them to better manage their storage resources and optimize their data.

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