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Australian Web portal aims to make business greener

An Australian government agency spearheads the launch of an online media site devoted to sustainable corporate practices. Find out the features set to debut next month

Mobile phones will not cause cancer, reveals British study

Mobile phones will not cause cancer or slow the brain, according to a recently published six-year study, but the jury is not out.

Consultant: New MS tools open developing to all

It is almost possible to get your grandma to build .Net-based missile defense systems with tools such as Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), Team Foundation Server, and the Microsoft Software Factory, according to an aficionado.

Australian govt aims to boost nonprofit ICT capacity

The Australian Department of Communication, IT and the Arts (DCITA) has put up A$70,000 (CDN$59,192) with the aim of kickstarting a national coalition to boost the ICT capacity of nonprofit organizations.

Linux grows among the Lupins in Australian state

Linux is growing along with the wheat, barley, chickpeas, and lupins in Perenjori, a small shire in Western Australia, thanks to a man named Barry Kauler. Kauler is the man behind "Puppy" (http://www.puppyos.com/) -- a 60MB CD bootable GNU Linux based operating system that can run on old PCs with very little RAM. Version two of the distro looks set for release in April.

Australian agencies fail to meet security expectations

Even though the Australian government may have an effective IT security framework, a recent report shows that certain government agencies are not living up to it, highlighting a great concern. n

Pacific Internet partners with Cisco for SMB security

In a first of its kind, Pacific Internet Ltd. has partnered with Cisco Systems Inc. to supply SMBs with managed end-to-end IP connectivity and security.

Gaming enlivens Cisco workplace training

All work and no play is bad for the health, but the future is looking more playful with games increasingly being used in workplace training, according to Cisco's director of certifications, Don Field.

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