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Security report urges Obama to scrap voluntary cyberspace regulations

A Center for Strategic and International Strategies report recommends mandatory requirements for critical cyber infrastructures which include telecom, energy, finance, and government services

Is your IT dept ready for the XBRL mandate?

The US taxonomy will impact large Canadian companies listed on both Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. Find out how much the business financial reporting mandate will add to your IT department's burden and how your business can use XBRL to improve internal operations

Study: IT jobs will drop in 2009

Sharp reductions likely in contract staff, professional services and hardware, and almost no investment in cloud computing

Lighting up copper wire


E-mail evolves into coordination channel

If analyst predictions are accurate, messaging software as we know it today is about to undergo a radical change. And when the dust settles, IBM's Lotus may finally have a chance of taking on Outlook

Open source lands in the enterprise with both feet

As LinuxWorld continues this week in San Francisco, industry observers note a shift in the acceptance of non-proprietary software that addresses both usability and total cost of ownership issues. Catch up on the key releases

Does ERP matter

Back in the early to mid-90s, ERP was all the rage. Today, as technology approaches such as SOA and Web services enable enterprises to turn to smaller vendors and service providers who meet their demands for speed, flexibility, and low overhead

Fortune, not fame main driver of crimeware

Although there are layers of security to contend with beyond compromising an operating system, once in the door, the rest is relatively easy pickings.

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