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When offshoring an IT project is worth it and when it’s really not

Many organizations have reaped significant or even huge benefits from offshoring parts of their IT function. This offshoring success creates the question about when offshoring...

IT offshoring helps businesses grow: IDC

Overall, between 2001 and 2013, IT offshoring contributed $15.1 billion to Canadian businesses

Offshoring to sweep away 1.5 M IT jobs: Report

About 1.5 million information technology jobs will be lost by 2017 due to offshoring, technology development and slow business growth, according to a report...

Do programmers have a future?

The lead architect at a cloud software company says the future looks grim for the average programmer

IDC: Offshoring IT keeps Canadian firms competitive

A shrinking, aging workforce is creating a demand for IT workers that can't be supplied domestically, says the vice-president of iGate Canada

Offshoring shrinks number of IT jobs, study says

A research firm estimates the number of jobs in decline specific to 4,700 companies with annual revenue of US$1 billion or more in the U.S. and Europe

Displaced IT workers stand to lose federal help

Expansion of Trade Adjustment Assistance program to include service workers expires Feb. 12

Offshoring not helping IT’s jobless recovery

TechServe says only 600 IT jobs were created in the U.S. in November; consultant says back office IT jobs in U.S., Europe will be cut in half by 2014. Why offshoring is good for businesses but not for employees

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