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Does BlackBerry have new Android devices in development?

As the Canadian smartphone maker begins phasing out its Classic model after losing enterprise clients, it reportedly has new Android devices in development

Where Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition ranks with the most expensive tech acquisitions ever

Let's take a look at how the acquisition measures up to recent mergers

Lenovo unveils a slew of new products for the data centre

The company also provided new details on its global IT partnership with Juniper Networks

Mobile POS transactions expected to grow by five times in transactions within five years: Report

The number more than triples an expected 12 per cent of retail transactions in 2016, according to a recent study

Why our data access laws need to evolve ASAP

There’s much handwringing around how to implement the perfect laws around virtual property and privacy -- much of it attributed to the virtual nature of data. But much of it is for show?

#ITWCchats Twitter Recap: Will state-sanctioned hacks make encryption irrelevant?

The recent Twitter chat was an engaging discussion around the future of data and privacy

Will Flash be dead by end of 2016?

With Google Chrome support for Flash coming to an end, the already limited support for Adobe's Flash will be almost nil.

BlackBerry CEO reassures customers of mobile device security in wake of RCMP reveal

The company argues it complied with a "reasonable lawful access request" in providing the key to Canadian police

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