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Five reasons legislation to limit outsourcing is bad

With U.S. Congress focusing on mid-term election campaigns, outsourcing is a hot topic. Outsourcers can adapt to laws looking to cut H-1B use; trade and exports are key economic issues for state, federal leaders

Philippines more than a call centre

Manila is pushing the country's educated, English-speaking, culturally aligned workforce to make it a business process outsourcing destination for North American firms

Use outsourcing to boost your IT career in 2010

IT workers who are able to identify areas that can be outsourced and save their companies money will be in demand. Find out about other valuable outsourcing skills you can capitalize on

IT takes biggest job-cut hit in the back office

Consulting firm The Hackett Group takes a more detailed look at technology job losses during the recession and explains the key reasons for the deepest cuts

Exchange rate pitfalls can sink offshore operations

Foreign exchange rates tend to fall pretty far down the priority list at the negotiating table during offshore outsourcing talks. But ignoring the currency exchange considerations can be a multi-million dollar mistake

Top 3 outsourcing initiatives in a down economy

It's hard enough to handle planning, budgeting and forecasting in normal times, but it becomes a nightmare in the uncertain economic environment we live in now. Here's how outsourcing can help

Indian outsourcers will be hit by U.S. financial crisis

For outsourcers the outlook is quite grim as some of its customers, like Lehman Brothers, are no longer around, said a partner at one firm. But one analyst sees outsourcing increasing in the medium to long term as American companies try to cut costs

Branham plans local outsourcing resource guide

The consulting group puts the finishing touches on a directory of firms that can handle everything from call centres to IT support. Does this fall into the

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