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10 signs your outsourcing provider will dump you

Some of the symptoms are more obvious than others, but you need to learn to recognize all of them

IT outsourcing system is broken

But if it's broken, how can service providers fix it?

When customer service needs fixing, ask the CIO

As the customer takes center stage at many companies, CIOs are taking over marketing, customer support, and other areas that may have seemed a poor complement for IT in the past

U.S. pays contractors twice as much as staff

A non-partisan group has asked the U.S. Congress's Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to look into inflated contractor rates

What HP’s new strategy means for its outsourcing customers

Hewlett-Packard's planned shift away from hardware is telling of the future of its IT services business, but more importantly, what does it mean for its outsourcing customers?

IT outsourcing tips we can learn from midsized companies

While midsize companies came later to the IT outsourcing party than their big company counterparts, recent research shows that they may get more out of their IT services deals. How they do it

Spirits Distributor Serves Real-Time Business Intelligence

Charmer Sunbelt Group has begun implementing SAP's new in-memory analytics engine into its business practices

CIOs lack adequate cloud computing knowledge

A survey of cloud providers and outsourcers returns some embarrassing scores on the cloud skills of IT executives

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