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Microsoft woos developers with latest IE9 preview

Industry watchers expect the iterative versions will help Microsoft keep developers interested in its technology as the browser market shares become ever more fragmented

Microsoft safeguards video, Adobe secures PDFs

Microsoft released 11 security bulletins Tuesday, including one for a vulnerability that could let a hacker insert malicious code into files protected by digital signatures. Find out about Adobe

Cisco, Microsoft certifications increase IT salaries

IT pros certified as a Project Management Professional could demand more pay on the job and unemployed workers might find more open positions. According to Dice Learning, there are currently 1,400 available PMP jobs on

Google Chrome chips away at Microsoft IE

Browser and operating system market share stats show that Microsoft's Internet Explorer loses ground, Firefox maintains and Google Desktop and Chrome inch upward. Read about all the details

The 10 best IT jobs right now

Industry watchers report that while an economic recovery won't guarantee that IT jobs return to pre-recession levels, increased interest in emerging and existing technologies will drive internal training and external hiring decisions

CA buys Oblicore to manage cloud services

The addition of Oblicore's service-level management to CA's management software suite could help CA deliver on technology areas that industry watchers consider key in the era of cloud computing, including IT service assurance and IT service catalogs

Outlook 2010 IT skills checklist: The vertical climb

IT professionals still smarting from the pain of the economic recession inflicted in 2009 won't find immediate relief in a booming employment market for 2010, analysts say. How to prepare for the new reality

IT service providers focus on cloud in 2010

Consulting firm TPI partner Mike Slavin expects IT service providers will take advantage of hot technology trends like cloud computing this year to sell services to smaller IT shops. Read the Q&A to find out his thoughts on providers & security, and which providers came out on top in 2009

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